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Welcome to One House Laundry official website.


We are traditional laundry that serve you by our own professional attendant. Our specialists are washing, ironing, hand wash and dry cleaning. We located in SS2.


We also interested to tender laundry service for massage center, spa, beauty salon, barber, factory, restaurant and gym fitness.

We provide laundry services with the assurance of professional and quality control. You can instantly feel the difference after your garments go through our innovative cleaning process.


General Information

One House Laundry (2384745-P)



33, Jalan SS 2/67,

47300 Petaling Jaya,








Business Hours:

We open daily

8:00am - 9:00pm (Mon - Sun)

Our Specialist:

- Dry Clean

- Wet Clean

- Hand Wash

- Ironing

- Carpet Cleaning


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One House Laundry Dry Cleaning Process.j

Our dry cleaning process

What is dry clean?
A lot of customers ask us. How was the dry cleaning works? Is that cleaning without water?
Dry cleaning is using a chemical solvent other than water. Your garments actually get wet in the cleaning process.

I hope my beloved customers will get a better understanding after reading our dry cleaning process.
Many customers still unable to identify their garments in methods of way to normal wash, hand wash, dry clean, drying and ironing. During the ironing process, we need to decide if your garment is suitable to use steam iron or press iron, and select which level of heat. We also need to be aware that some of the sensitive materials might not be able to put in tumble dry too. Hang dry is the other ways to handle it but it may take some time.

How to identify the garment's material and handle your clothing wisely? Every garment has its own label. The symbols on the label that indicating by the manufacturer's suggestions as to methods of handling your clothing. There are symbols below that acknowledge you how to handle them with care and without damaging your garment's textile.
Laundry Symbol.jpg

Laundry Symbols acknowledgement


Curtain Cleaning

We do provide dry cleaning and door to door pick-up & delivery services for your curtains.

We also have extra service to help you removing and installing back your curtains which could save your time and energy.

Please call or whatsapp to arrange the service.

Tel: 0176638283
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